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Adelaide Oval Redevelopment
Below is the work we have just completed for the Adelaide Oval Redevelopment

Adelaide Oval Redevelopment

Checkout the photos below of the Refrigeration Plant rooms, Service Deli case run & Bakery Display area. Contact the sales team for further information.

Servicing the Commercial Refrigeration &
Catering Industry for 30 YEARS!

When product performance and life cycle matters

Businesses, people and their reputations depend on reliable equipment. From supermarket display cases, refrigeration systems that prevent food spoilage and maintain quality presentation, to commercial cooking equipment in a submarine galley – these are all examples where Hill Equipment has built its reputation on delivering efficient, effective and reliable solutions.

A performance philosophy

Our philosophy is to recommend equipment and services to customers that we can proudly stand behind. This means ensuring the equipment is designed and manufactured using current technology and components to provide quality operational performance.

Furthermore, the equipment will be built to be reliable and worthy of ongoing maintenance over an extended life cycle.

The businesses our customers’ operate cannot be successful if our equipment regularly fails – equipment failure will generally lead to stock loss or damage disrupting the operation and credibility of their business.

That is why at Hill Equipment we focus on specifying and designing for reliability and serviceability – its called value engineering – and it’s what we have built our reputation on.

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