Food, beverage & hospitality

• Refrigeration systems
• Supermarket display cabinets
• Custom refrigerated cabinets
• Commercial kitchens
• Catering/ware-washing equipment
• Coolrooms, freezer & display rooms
• Regeneration equipment

It’s a capability our clients
depend on.

Food, beverage & hospitality

Working closely with the food, beverage and hospitality industries has enabled us to identify and provide solutions for the specialist requirements of commercial kitchens, supermarkets and food & beverage retail outlets.

We custom design, build and install refrigeration systems, food preparation and display areas, commercial cater / ware-washing and other equipment required to operate reliably in an intense commercial environment.

Supermarkets and convenience stores
Visual appeal of food is essential; the freshness, colour, and moisture, are important factors in attracting attention and encouraging the purchase.

This is Hill Equipment’s specialty – we engineer, design and build customised refrigeration systems using efficient and modern components from the best suppliers. This ensures maximum shelf life, minimum shrinkage and stock loss – crucial for profitability and customer retention.

Commercial kitchens
Producing hundreds of meals at a single event requires a professional catering team. Why burden them with poor quality equipment and layout design?

At Hill Equipment we understand commercial catering equipment. With our global partners we supply, design and install catering equipment and have a dedicated team of mobile technicians to ensure operational dependability.

Hotel, restaurant and cafe fit-outs
Our proven capabilities enable us to design, manufacture and source front of house food service displays, beverage chillers, stainless steel bars and benches.

Our manufacturing facilities create contemporary and functional fit-outs to enhance any business. Our work is seen throughout many establishments in South Australia and interstate.

Examples of our work:
Drake Foodmarkets - refrigeration equipment
For more than 20 years, we have proudly been the preferred supplier to Drake Foodmarkets for all their commercial refrigeration equipment during which time we have undertaken all of their refrigeration alterations ranging in size from a single display case to full supermarket refits. We ensure the installations are carried out to ‘best refrigeration practice’ and the equipment used is of the highest quality. All display cabinet and major plant changeovers are carried out after normal trading times to ensure refrigerated product is continually on show to Drake Foodmarket’s clients.

Hotel, restaurant and cafe fit-outs
Many hotel facilities around South Australia are equipped with Hill Equipment's manufactured hot and cold food service display cases, beer and wine chillers, storage coolrooms, commercial cooking equipment, stainless steel bars and benches. In all cases we were responsible for the design and installation of such facilities, ensuring ease of flow within the bars and kitchens.

Regency School of Catering
Hill Equipment were selected to supply and install all the commercial cooking equipment and food storage rooms for 6 Commercial Training Kitchens within the Regency International Centre – Hospitality, Leisure and Food Studies TAFE Campus Regency Park SA. As testament to our original contract, since its commission date several years ago we have been the preferred supplier when alterations are carried out within the school.