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Thermodynamic engineering

Thermodynamic Engineering is the control of temperature and humidity achieved by transferring heat from one zone to another. This is fundamentally important to industrial processes, environmental control, and for food and beverage storage and display.

This is how heating and cooling is achieved on large scale. While this is not a new concept, achieving it with efficiency, cost effectiveness and meeting modern environmental standard requires committed engineering and real expertise.

Welcome to the world of Hill Equipment; where we meet these challenges in the course of our day-to-day business. We have accumulated a team of highly experienced people, purpose built facilities and a track record of achievement and have applied this capability to many client projects. Where possible Australian manufactured equipment will always take precedence over imported products, our philosophy is ‘made in Australia, means built for Australian conditions’. To enable strict control of our site installations all of our refrigeration installers are directly employed and undertake regular training on the latest techniques to meet industry standards.

Hill Equipment has developed innovative cold storage solutions with multi-independent refrigeration systems; special cooling appliances for the Australian Defence Forces, equipment for Australia’s Collin’s Class submarines and CO2 based environmentally friendly refrigeration systems.

Thermodynamic Engineering is the control of temperature and humidity achieved by trans skill.

Examples of our work:

Wyuna Meats - NT
We are proud to have been involved with this project from the design stage up. Wyuna Meats Cold Stores, located in Darwin, is a large cold storage facility servicing the greater Norther Territory. One of our clients' requirements was for the plant to withstand the very high humidity and severe tropical storms experienced in the region. Since its commission date, the facility has continued to operate without failure; a tribute to our engineering.

Wyuna Meats

Australian 'Tiger' Helicopters
We are proud to have been selected to under take such an important Commonwealth Government Project to design, manufacture and commission a system required to provide the new Australian ‘ Tiger’ Helicopter controlled atmosphere air over the prime computer hardware within the helicopter while landed. The mobile unit undertook stringent requirement testing to military specification and passed with flying colours.

Australian Helicopters